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Bucket Elevator For Steel Silo

DATE : Nov 21st, 2023

Working principle of DTG series self-cleaning bucket elevator:
With motor rotating, the coupling and head wheel as well as bucket belt will be rotating, then the material on the belt will be lift to requirement height, after that, the material will be deliveried to chain type scraper through centrifugal force.

Main features of DTG series self-cleaning bucket elevator:
1. The head wheel adopts plug-in encapsulation process, which can increase friction coefficient and advoid Belt slippery & deviation, based on this, it improves the rotation efficiency and saves the installation time as well as reduces downtime maintenance cost.
2. Elevaro head is equiped with retrograde device in order to advoid material block phenomenon, caused by lift belt reverse for emergency stop.
3. Elevator base adopts self-cleaning round bottom structure to ensure the space bewteen end wheel and bottom slot.
4. Bucket adopts high strength plastic or steel material, which has the features of high strength and big fill factor.
5. Equipped with many safety protection device, such as check door, observation hole, vent mouth, Dust suction hole, anti-blocking and  axial temperature detection, etc.
6. Perfect appearance, big lift capacity, good sealability, long lifesapn, low energy consumption and low material breakage rate.
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