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Classification of Silo

DATE : Nov 15th, 2023

In this article, I will elaborate the classification of storage silo according to deep and shallow silo, structure material and plane layout.

  1. Classified by deep and shallow silo

With different height of silo, grain flow state and changing curve of silo wall pressure by storing is different. Silo load calculation methods are also different. Thus the structure requirement of storage silo is different. ‘Silo Design Rule’ states:

Hn/dn < 1.5 is called as shallow silo while hn/dn > =1.5 called as deep silo (hn means storing calculation height; dn means inner diameter of round silo or inner dimension of short side of rectangle for rectangle silo.

  1. Classified by structure material

According to the structure material used for silo, it can usually divided into: wood silo, soil round silo, reinforced concrete silo, brick and concrete silo, steel plate silo, ect.

  1. Classified by plane layout

There are two kinds of plane layout for group silo: determinate and staggered type.

The plane layout for single silo includes round, rectangle, regular hexagon, regular octagon, etc. with mostly round silo.

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