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What is Concrete Stave Silos,Wiki Tell You

DATE : Oct 20th, 2023

Concrete stave silos are constructed from small precast concrete blocks with ridged grooves along each edge that lock them together into a high strength shell. Much of
concrete’s strength comes from its high incompressibility,so the silo is held together by steel hoops encircling the tower and compressing the staves into a tight ring. The
vertical stacks are held together by intermeshing of the ends of the staves by a short  distance around the perimeter of each layer, and hoops which are tightened directly
across the stave edges.

​​The static pressure of the material inside the silo pressing outward on the staves increases towards the bottom of the silo, so the hoops can be spaced wide apart near the top but become progressively more closely spaced towards the bottom to prevent seams from opening and the contents leaking out.Concrete stave silos are built from common components designed with high strength and long life. They have the flexibility to have their height increased according to the needs of the farm and purchasing power of the farmer, or to be completely disassembled and reinstalled somewhere else if no longer needed.

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