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Construction Sequence of Bolted Steel Silo

DATE : May 7th, 2024



Constructing a galvanized corrugated bolted steel silo involves several sequential steps to ensure stability, durability, and proper functionality. Here’s a general construction sequence:

  1. Site Preparation:
  • Clear the construction area of any debris, rocks, or vegetation.
  • Level the ground to provide a stable foundation for the silo.
  1. Foundation Construction:
  • Excavate the foundation pit to the required depth and dimensions.
  • Pour concrete to create a solid foundation for the silo base. The foundation should be level and properly reinforced to bear the weight of the silo.
  1. Anchor Bolt Installation:
  • Embed anchor bolts into the concrete foundation. These bolts will secure the base ring of the silo to the foundation.
  1. Assembly of Silo Body:
  • Begin by assembling the bottom ring of the silo. This ring typically consists of pre-fabricated steel panels with bolted connections.
  • Secure the bottom ring to the anchor bolts using nuts and washers.
  • Continue adding rings on top of each other, bolting them securely together as you progress upward. The number of rings will depend on the desired height of the silo.
  1. Silo roof Installation:

Begin silo roof installation after the installation of first circle of side wall plate, use high-strength bolts to assemble components of silo roof, after silo roof installation is completed, continue to install side wall till it reaches to designed height, then connect the silo with embedded parts.

  1. Ancillary Components: Access ladders, platforms, discharge points, and other necessary elements are installed.


  1. Inspections and Finishing: Final inspections are conducted to ensure proper construction and functionality. Any minor adjustments or finishing touches are completed.


Here’s what makes bolted steel silos stand out in the construction sequence:

Faster Assembly: Prefabricated panels and bolted connections significantly reduce construction time compared to welded steel silos.

Minimal On-Site Welding: Eliminates the need for extensive welding expertise and equipment at the construction site.

Ease of Expansion: Bolted silos can be more easily modified or expanded in the future by adding panels.

This is a general overview, and the specific steps might vary depending on the silo design and manufacturer’s instructions.

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