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How To Select Suitable Equipment For Steel Silo

DATE : Nov 20th, 2023

It is very important to select silo equipment for example, level transportation can adopt scraper transporter or belt conveyor, while which method is more suitable, it is to be compared. The scraper transporter is more suitable for steel silo roof for the following advantages: multi-point discharge,good sealing, which the belt conveyor can not meet this requirement. On the other hand, belt conveyor has it’s own advantages, for example: reduce the broken material,long distance transportation,save energy, so it is more suitable for industry with high requirement for broken degree, such as Wet grinding starch industry. For the steel silo built in sea port, belt conveyor is better than bucket elevator, which has good effect on the integrity of the material.

So the silo auxiliary election is essential for silo design, once happening wrong election, which not only not meet silo process design, but also take more lose for client.

1. Equipment capacity matched with function: transportation capacity depends on steel silo volume and feed & discharge capacity. Big capacity equipment will spend cost while the small capacity equipment will happen plugging material phenomenon.

2. Considering enough maintain space for steel silo equipment: steel silo equipment space is essential element in steel silo design, as steel silo needs maintain by person, such as bearing replacement, cleaning sieve tube replacement, and maintenance of motor reducer, etc.

3. Electric control room location: the electric control room shall be in one separate room with sealed environment, no dust entering, or it will effect the life of electrical components, if more serious, it will happen safety accidents.

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