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How To Store Corn In Harvest Season

DATE : Nov 20th, 2023

Key tips to store corn in steel silo is reducing the corn moisture and increasing corn quality. The temperature and humidity is various for different area, corresponding measures shall be taken according to actual needs.

1.Classification storage: before the corn is loading into steel silo, all corn shall be divided into different level according to corn moisture. For the corn with high moisture, user shall dry the corn before store in steel silo.

2.Storage in low temperature and sealed container:according to corn storage features,corn should be stored under low temperature and sealed condition, so there are two methods: one is dry and sealed storage, another is low temperature and frozen storage.In south of China, corn could be dried to the safe storage condition under the high temperature, then would be stored into corn steel silo. In north of China, for the low temperature limit, corn would be stored in second method.

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