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What is Bolted Silo?

DATE : Apr 3rd, 2024



Bolted steel silo is a new technology introduced and developed in the past twenty years, with its own light weight, short construction period, easy to mechanise the production and other advantages, in the grain, food, feed, light industry and other industries are widely used.


The Bolted steel silo consists of 3 parts: silo roof, silo body and silo bottom. According to the different forms of silo bottom, it can be divided into flat bottom silo and hopper bottom silo, which is the foundation of the steel silo; conical bottom silo can be divided into steel conical bottom silo and cement conical bottom silo, according to the form of conical-bottomed silo production.


Silo roof: The roof plate is made of 0.8mm-1.0mm double-sided galvanised sheet with convex rib forming, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, waterproof, high strength and so on. At the same time, the top of the silo is equipped with ventilation windows, guardrails and other facilities.

Silo Body: The silo body is composed of double-sided galvanised sheets corrugated and then arc-formed, with assembly holes and linked by watertight bolts. The corrugation can increase the strength of the silo, and at the same time, the silo is equipped with reinforcing columns inside or outside the silo to withstand the vertical loads of the silo and the grain.

Sealing mud is provided at the joints between the silo boards to ensure the waterproof performance of the silo.


The silo body is equipped with a door and a ladder for easy observation of the grain inside the silo.

Cone bottom: the cone bottom consists of column foot, tension bar, cone bottom plate, etc. The cone bottom plate can be Bolted or welded.


Peripheral facilities of steel silo:

Ventilation: according to the grain moisture and storage cycle, the bottom of the cone can be equipped with a ventilator, which is introduced into the ventilation mesh pipe inside the silo by the ventilation pipe to realise the ventilation and cooling, and at the same time the roof of the silo can also be equipped with a forced induced draft fan.


Temperature and humidity measurement device: the beam at the top of the silo can be partially set to strengthen the form of hanging temperature measurement cables, the implementation of measuring the temperature of the grain in the silo, with the ventilation device, to ensure the safety of grain storage. Ventilation and temperature measurement device with the use of a long period of safe grain storage can be achieved (provided that the moisture of the grain before entering the silo reaches the safe grain storage standards).


Level: detects whether the silo is full or empty, and can be controlled in conjunction with the conveying equipment.


Thermal insulation: For long-term grain storage silos, an external thermal insulation layer is set up to avoid condensation when the temperature difference inside the silo is large, so as to realise long-term safe grain storage.


Ring-flow fumigation facilities: for long-term grain storage silos are fully enclosed, designed, produced and installed, and ring-flow fumigation facilities are set up to prevent insect pests.

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